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Hi, we are Anonymous Lobster, a  design collective founded by four international creatives. We create work that helps empower young people to become change-makers towards sustainable futures.

What are we doing?

In an ongoing collaborative research and design project we are exploring ways to enable teens to learn about and collectively act on real-world issues, and through this foster a sense of agency over the future.

Currently, we are also looking for opportunities for funding or residencies to develop our work.

Using a service design and human centred design approach we are continuing to create and test a series of prototypes to generate learning, iterate on, and develop our thinking and approach to our overall goal. Check out two of our prototypes: Co-Hack & Action Engine

Here is a talk we recently did at EduJam UK.


Our projects are all ongoing but here is a look at what we are working on.


Please, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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–––– Anonymous Lobster is...

Christine Wurth

Elyne Legarnisson

Martinga Fatato

Ahrian Taylor


Why are we doing this?

Amongst young people there is a growing awareness and sense of urgency around the topic coupled with a significant interest in participating. While there are countless causes and many initiatives and paths to get involved, there also appear to be many barriers to becoming actively engaged. Exploring what these are was the first step for us.

Based on our research we decided to target our designs towards teens aged 16-18 that already have an awareness of social and environmental issues and an interest in taking action. We want to support these teens in finding the best way for them to get actively involved and thus transform them from ‘potential’ into ‘committed’ participants.



This AR application lets teens virtually post, browse, and share content around the walls of their school. The aim is to reclaim the institutional space to give young people a sense of agency over their own learning and a way to voice their concerns and interests around real-world issues while challenging an outdated education system.

School is still a central point of growth and learning for teens as well as a core space of their social environment and development. However, from our research we found that teens feel that their schools fall short in addressing social and environmental issues with them. The students we talked to would prefer to learn more about these topics and get involved with their peers.


Action Engine

With this service we aim to transform the fragmented experience of finding relevant content and initiatives to get involved in social action. The tool merges the idea of a search engine with that of a personality-quiz and lets teens filter content by manipulating various filters in the form of fun sliders inquiring about their current interests. The outcome is a personalised, curated list of references and content that can be adjusted at any time by changing any of the filter parameters.

This solution built on the insight that there are already endless initiatives and informations out there. Therefore, we focused on linking teens to the right resources and projects that will best fit their current situations and interests to help them transition from ‘potential’ into ‘committed’ participants in social change.